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Watering balls

Watering balls

Watering balls and Thirsty flower

Beautiful, functional watering balls are designed to slowly release water to drying soil.
To use a watering ball:

1.) Create a channel in the soil by placing the stem of the empty watering ball into the soil at a slight angle.
2.) Remove the watering ball from the soil and clear any soil from stem of the watering ball.
3.) Fill the watering ball to 2/3 with water and place in previously-created channel.
4.) Refill as necessary.

They are available 3 sizes.

Watering balls about 10 inches tall and 2 at the widest point - 25 cm - 6 cm

Watering balls about 16 inches tall and 3 at the widest point - 40 cm - 8 cm

Watering balls about 20 inches tall and 4 at the widest point - 50 cm -10 cm

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